What does fitting-in do

Research and consultancy with the police and fire service with a particular emphasis on formal and informal cultures, modernisation, entreprenerial thinking, change management, resistance, racism, sexism and equality.

The fitting-in [http://www.example.com describehttp://fitting-in.com


link]where academia and the fire service can meet to discuss fire service culture and other matters- a resource for research and consultancy for the fire and rescue service and firefighters and police and policing-

The page takes a critical stance on the treatment of people who do not fit-in with the way that some/many police and fire officers hold an image of their role and the type of people who can undertake that role.

As a social scientist I have the view that the majority of our behaviour is something that we can control and that whenever I hear people describe behaviour as natural I can find a social reason for that behaviour.

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Organised by Dr Dave Baigent this site provides a place to share and publish your own research, to look at what others have written about the fire and police service and to ask about our commercial offerings.

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